View Full Version : Been while, just wanted to wish my camaro a good second life!!

05-26-2012, 06:29 PM
Wife and I purchased our car as a program car in 2002 from Perry Chevrolet in Columbia, MO. It is a 2000 SS 6sp in silver pewter metallic. Over the years it has been a primary car for my wife and later (after kids) was basically a garage queen. It has 75000 original miles. No real mods to speak of, ttops, chrome zr-1 rims. We have owned it over 10 years and decided to sell to look for something else.

Good luck to the new owner, he will be posting on here sometime with pics. Hopefully he gives it a great second life and maybe gets it out of the garage more often then we have recently.

Miss ya already!! :usa: