View Full Version : 98 camaro racer

06-06-2012, 04:50 PM
Just picked up a bone stock 98 camaro. Planning on doing a low buck race car. I have a stock lq9 and th350 trans to drop in it. Car is gonna be stripped of all weight that we can get rid of. roll cage getting added. 275 drag radials. Gonna run the stock rear till it gives up. Not sure of the gear it has yet. Gonna rebuld the th350 and prob go with a 4500 or 5000 stall. Not sure of which company to go with yet. Motor plans are vic jr, 750dp, msd 6010 and long tube headers. Biggest question is what off the shelf cam to go with? Been reading up on the trex, tsunami, and ms4. Can't make up my mind. Which one likes nitrous the best. If the car don't run fast enough we are just gonna spray it till it goes or blows. Should be fun while it lasts. Hoping for some low 7s or high 6s.