View Full Version : 96lt1m6 is a lying dirtbag!! BEWARE!!

06-07-2012, 10:57 PM
Bought a T56 from him about a year ago. My car was in pieces at the time so it was only installed within the past few months. Paid the SOB $1000 for the tranny, and then AFTER I pay him, he says it may need a few parts replaced. WTF, I was buying a GOOD USED TRANNY!

Anyways, he then says he is having it looked at by a local tranny guy. I wait not one, not two, but three god damn months before he FINALLY ships it to me after he had it "rebuilt." Upon getting it into the car, I immediately notice theres no reverse. Well thats just great. Now I am thinking I may have screwed up installing my $900 textralia clutch somehow and second guessing myself. After putting MAYBE 10 miles on the T56, it completely stops going into all forward gears as well.

I finally break down and rip it out and take it to a tranny shop. The guys there took the tailshaft off and a roll pin just fell out. They also said it looked like it was assembled by a 10 year old, and looks like some parts were cut to fit with a die grinder. I am rip shit at this point and am now going to be in the hole another $500-600 to have this pice of shit rebuilt like it should have been in the first place. He basically sold me a $1000 paper weight. Beware this scumbag!!!

Hope karma comes back to you buddy because it always does in the end! :guns: