View Full Version : 06 CTS-V vs E60 BMW 545i

06-17-2012, 03:23 AM
Driving home from hanging out... cruising a bit faster then speed limit (about 75ish in 6th gear on cruise) when I hear this car floored in, and look in the rear view. I notice the headlights as BMW lights, and he cuts to the lane beside me. I slow up purposely to see what it was, meanwhile opening my cutouts. A silver E60 BMW 545i.

Traffic becomes basically nonexistent and then I drop gear into 3rd at 60. He punches it and I follow suit. I chirp 4th and keep going, and when I look... I had what could have been 5+ cars on him. I slow up and he tries to speed past me. Once I saw he was going to do this, I layed into 3rd again to regain some speed. I ended up catching his speed damn near perfect side by side, and I'm modulating the throttle to stay beside him. He lays into it, and I can hear the exhaust on his car, and then I lay into it and he's drowned out. This time I held into it and shifted into 5th at WOT... I let off around 145ish, with him nowhere to be seen.

I slow up to wait on him and line up with him, hoping to get an actual 3 honk race with him. By the time he shows back up, we're coming up to a sweeping turn on the highway. He tries to drive a bit faster here to speed off on me, but I just ended up just speeding thru the corner faster, and once it became a straight, I disappeared again and stopped at the top of 4th.

I then slow up and start making my way over to the highway exit on the right. (since I had already missed BOTH of my exits playing with the Beemer)
As I slow up, I see him speeding and then he lays in the brakes. I can hear the tire squeal and jumps 2 lanes to get into my lane (the exit lane).
I pull off to the side and pull into a Wendys, and he just fly bys me. LOL
Seems every second I stood in 4th gear WOT... I pulled about a car. Anyone got any insight on this? Definitely was automatic. I thought it would hold up better.

I've got headers done (no cats), and I've replaced intake tubing in my V with a custom fabbed raw carbon fiber tubing. Still on stock airbox. Stock exhaust with cutouts. Untuned

06-17-2012, 03:55 PM
good kill, bet he was mad. lol

09-27-2012, 06:12 PM
I did the same think to a maxima.... Nice kill