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06-18-2012, 05:03 PM
Okay first off I posted some time back about the same electrical gremlins that are currently possessing my sweet baby. So I will start off from the beginning.

Back in early 2011 (January) I replaced the fuel pump and filter. I replaced the pump by cutting a hole in the trunk, the pump was an aftermarket one from RockAuto. Wired up everything like you supposed to. Put new gas in it and was ecstatic because she lived after being down for 5 month (college student part time job no funds thing). Drove it for a few weeks with nothing wrong. Was driving down the road on night coming home from work, and then all of a sudden the dash lights and fog lights go out. So I'm like crap there goes a fuse. The girlfriend at the time was following behind me and said your break lights are out. So next day go out no fuses are blown there was no typical fuse blowing sound when one goes that night either. Upon further inspection of the electrical system I found out that the hazard lights, break lights, fog lights, running lights, dash lights, and right headlight door motor do not work (yes the motor is fine, just not getting juice).

Now with all that said I have replaced every fuse in the car's dashboard. Bought a new headlight switch that did nothing. Tested the fuses under the hood they all test fine. I get power from the fuse box under the hood but lose power to the fuse box. I have had the whole dash off looking for frayed/broken/pinched wires and there are none that I could find.

New development see video:

That just started recently. Dunno what that is from. SO my question is, is there a fusible link somewhere that will allow the car to start and function fine but at the same time not allow all those circuits to work? If you need pictures on how I test the fuses I can provide them, just have to tell me which ones to test.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Tim.

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