View Full Version : I need help! Full ls1 z28 swap into a 92 RS

06-18-2012, 11:47 PM
Okay so i have a lot of work ahead of me.. no i am not paying someone to build my car. Right now my biggest concern are brakes and suspension. The reason is because i do not want to have the 2in spacers to fit 4th gen wheels on my car like i currently have to. This is my first car that i got in high school so the car means alot and i will never get rid of it. I plan on buying an aftermarket tubular k-member so i can use the headers that came with my donar 98 z28. I am going to be swapping everything over.. hopefully. The things i want to do are listed below and i will be taking them off of the 98 z28 and putting them in my car.

door panels
full drivetrain (ls1, 4l60 w/ 3600 yank converter)
wiring harness (complete whole body including dash)
brakes (lines, booster, pp valve, rotors, hubs, discs, calipers, ABS system)
fuel tank/ fuel pump/ lines
rack and pinion
i want everything swapped over.

Please any info or knowledge of any of these swaps would help me out immensly!!! Again my biggest concern is whether or not i can get the brakes and suspension to work. I am planning on buying an aftermarket k-member and if the coil over kit would make it work then i will get that. Thanks in advance guys!!!

06-21-2012, 09:41 AM
get over to the forum and search search search. from what i know, even with the tubular k-member, you're not going to be able to use the 4th gen headers, unless they are a short-tube design. mids and long tubes designed for a 4th gen car will not work without MAJOR modifications.

you are taking on a lot with the drivetrain mods, adding the interior really makes it an in-depth build. good luck.

07-12-2012, 12:21 AM
yeah after a little research i found at that my headers wont work at all. I am in the planning stages still. I have the 98 interior all pulled out and im getting ready to start pulling the 350 out of my 92 and start on everything. I was going to get the dash and wiring harness installed first and then start on the motor. I finally decided that i might as well do a single turbo build but i am having such a hard time finding threads on it with the search. Just going to take my time i guess so i dont have to spend more money and just take it slow.