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06-22-2012, 12:00 AM
First of all this is my first post. I've been reading this forum for a long time trying to figure out how to put an LS1 into my 66 GTO. The info I have obtained has been great!

I'm now eyeing a 99 6.0 vortec out of a box van to put in my GTO. I know back in the day a big truck gas engine was very different than a car. But have things changed? I would suspect in the interests of economics these are probably the same engines they put in the pickups. Maybe a bigger cam? How would this effect street performance? Is it even adaptable to a M20 4 speed? The reason I ask is this engine is in great shape with few miles a friend is giving me for free. Thanks for any info you have on it?

06-24-2012, 02:01 PM
Id jump on the 6.0!!! Youll need a LS1/LS6 intake if clearance is an issue & Fbody front accy If youve got a cowl hood you might be fine & the 6.0 with an Fbody intake and GTO throttle body size 1.8 roller rockers True duals and headers your at 426hp!! IF I were you Id get a 6spd instead of that 4spd youll like the combo better :) I almost went that route for my 95 ram air trans am! Since I had LT1 & LT4 parts Im goin the 396 stroker route. If I blow this one up Im goin 6.0 stroker Id really like a 6.x combo with a new 6spd auto GM needs to get off their ass & come out with a stand alone controller :)

06-24-2012, 05:15 PM
Thank you for the reply and info...........For lack of a better term can I ask you to dumb it down a little bit? I know the performance and engine lingo but I kind of lost you in the middle part, or "f body intake and GTO throttle body size 1.8 roller rockers true duals and headers your at 426 hp." Are you saying I have three options? 1) go with LS1 intake if clearance is an issue? 2) leave it the way it is with stock power if clearance is not an issue. 3) go with the what you said about fbody intake and gto throttle body if i want 426 horsepower? Unfortunately the engine does come with the computer of any of the wiring harness. Also is this truck engine going to be any different than a car engine? Different cam or made more for low end torque? I would guess it would be but I'm not sure?

6 speed would be better but I like the old 4 speeds a lot. I feel like going through 4 speeds is a lot of fun. going through 6 becomes a chore. Plus I already have the 4 speed. thanks again for the help.

06-27-2012, 06:44 PM
Carbed or EFI? That 6.0 is like what I have with a carb, ran 11.18 in the 1/4 all motor with just a cam swap and carb conversion with a manual Trans.

06-28-2012, 07:29 PM
The main question is what are you planning on doing with it. If you want a pepy street car that isnt going to the track ... Stick it in and leave it alone. What intake you run is strictly up to clearance. Other than the intake and displacement there isnt any difference in the external dimensions of the truck/car engines as far as the block is concerned. The accessory drives are different from vett/f-body/truck . There are alternatives to mix-matching stuff. Looks like you can run a ls1/ls6 style intake with a 07' and later truck waterpump and such. Best thing to do is get the engine and test fit what you have . Make a plan for power , get to it. I turn my crazy hp thoughts off by asking myself ... am i going to build the rest of the car to handle the power. The trans isnt an issue to mount up. It will take a lil digging but someone will know what is needed. I ve seen vw trans mounted to these things .. someone makes an adapter/bellhousing for you . Good luck and post pics.