View Full Version : Driveline squeek question?

S-10 money pit
06-26-2012, 10:29 PM
I have a 2000 s10 with a 8.5 rearend,one piece driveshaft it has a squeek while accelerating,and stops when letting off,heard mostly while takeing off under normal driveing,and wierd but sometimes while brakeing,also only after i drive it on the expressway.How it started.I got my driveshaft shortend for swap,must have thrown balance weight off,have had a vibration for arround 700 miles with a slight pinion seal leak,then the squeek.I replaced the universal joints and had it re balanced. and still after a short drive exceeding 60 mph the squeek is still there.Any ideas of what to start looking for now?could the vibration maybe cause the pinion bearing to fail?Only what im hearing sounds exactly like a squeeking u joint,but its not

S-10 money pit
06-27-2012, 10:05 PM
I know there's no comments yet,but i must add what i have learned today.(wierd)I was thinking i can drive arround town all day and will never get this problem,so again i took it out for a longer drive to make it do it.This is what i learned=My brakes are hanging up a bit,mostly on the rear but all 4 are getting very hot(smokin),even though im not useing them much.My new question is why are they squeeking when im on the throttle,but when im not on the gas they stop,The lines are still running through the abs,but im pretty shure they dont work.What could it be?could it have to do with vacume loss when on the gas,I know now this is my problem,but not shure to do away with abs controller completely,or just replace the master cylinder.Im trying to figure this out,but Any sugestions would be greatfull.
Ill add that my LS engine is caburated,ez-tcu on 4l60e,mechanical gauges.Not useing truck computer at all