View Full Version : Seat air pump fixed

07-04-2012, 10:14 AM
The seat air pump on my 98 TA was acting up when I bought the car last fall. The passenger side lumbar didn't work at all, and the side bolster was intermittant. I could hear the air pump run when pushing the switch so I knew it wasn't the switch or fuse. A new part was no longer available and junkyard ones from F-bodies are rare. I did find one from an Olds Aurora that looked the same but internal wiring was different. So long story short, I traced the problem to cracked solder joints on the solenoids inside the air pump module. A little heat to re-melt the joints and everything works now. They really must have used some crappy solder on these cars since this isn't the only cracked solder joint problem F-bodies have. Hope this helps someone. I'll try to post a pic