View Full Version : gremlins in my electronics?

07-05-2012, 02:05 AM
Hey guys, I have a 2000 z28 with lq4 lower end and ls1 top end. It has a viper ce8090 alarm w/o remote start ( but there was no electronic issues with the alarm installed previously) I bought the car a couple months ago. Had the Trans rebuilt and replaced thermostat and the car ran great.

About 2 Weeks ago tried to put in a can of freeon in the AC. Didnt follow instructrions right and jumped the compressor switch while it was still connected. Needless to say got a POP and smoke coming from the pcm and of course no more AC. The compressor wont engage. But nothing else was harmed best I could tell. Car had been driving fine for a few hundred miles afterwards

And then 2 days ago im driving and lost all chassis power. Just for a split second. All the needles on gauges went to "zero" amd.the radio went off. But all came.right back on almost instantly. Odd thing is the motor was fine. Completly unaffected. It has done this 6 to 7 times since then. Tonight though I went to see fireworks and when leaveing fort bliss I fired the car up and I have nothing on the tach, Speedo, coolant gauge, fuel gauge, no odmeter and no radio. Amd thats all I can tell so far. Car runs fine but no clue what is up with this any ideas? This one has me stumped. I have checked grounds and power connections and batt connections, all looks good.

O also checked both fuse blocks under the hood and found no power to the fuse.that says pcm batt. the car is still running good and all but I cant survive without my gauges working. Please help I drive this to and from work every day. Oh yea and I do not have a check engine light either

Does anyone have a fuse layout diagram? maybe I missed something. I dont know what fuses go to what