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JR 427
07-09-2012, 08:32 AM
Feeler because I am not quite sure I want to let her go yet... The only reason I've been thinking about is because I hardly have time to play with it. It was down 4 months and I came to realize I don't need it. Not only that but I have been able to go to the track once since I got it back, and even then it was a crunch into my schedule....

2008 Z06 rare 4LT
Victory Red
Cashmere/Blk interior
11,900 miles
Level 7 4L65E done by RPM themselves
RPM built differential
3.73 gears
DSS 1000hp axles
trans/diff brace
454 LSX crate motor with WCCH Stage III heads Milled for a 13.x compression for E85
It currently has a compression of 12.1 though. I wanted it lower so I can run either E85 or 93. I have 2 custom tunes, 1 for each fuel.
It made 598/528 on e85 in hot texas weather and humidity, through the unlocked converter. 53X/??? on 93 octane, never got the dyno and never asked for it.

2" American Racing headers with high flow cats and 3" mids
Corsa sport catback
FAST 102
NW 102
Lingenfelter cold air intake
Katech Carbon Fiber valve covers
Dewitts radiator
The intake, TB, and headers have less than 500 miles.

The long block has 1500 miles.
The car has ran a 6.5 in the 1/8 with the old set up (only 528/496).

6.5 equals to a 10.0-10-1 in the quarter. This set up was built to run a 9.6 all motor. There is no doubt in my mind it can do it. The plan was to hit it with a 175 shot after that and go for 8s.

ZR1 spoiler
ZR1 Replica wheels
Brand new less than 100 miles on rear MT 305/35 19 drag radials
LG CF front splitter, it is a little damaged, I found another nic when I went to replace it then thought to myself, better just keep it on there and wait until it is pretty banged up to replace it.

I've put a ton of money into this car this year alone, don't ask how much as i don't want to even think of it myself.

Almost forgot, it has a Halltech custom GT2 hood. This may or may not go with the car as I have it listed in the FS section. I know I can get more for it there.

I thought there was electrical issues after the motor swap; turned out it was just a bad starter! Who would've thought? No codes or issues since! Nothing wrong with the car. Again, this is a feeler for now.

$55,500 the way it sits.
Call me with any questions.

The motor was built by Patrick at Quality. Tune and instal was done by Danny at Lethal.

JR 427
07-09-2012, 08:43 AM
Here are a couple of runs on the previous set up, just so you can get an idea of how fast it gets out of the hole, the 1 versus the Lightning is a 1.39 60ft and the 1 versus the 572 chevelle is a 1.42 or 43 60ft... The lightning ran a VERY low 6 by the way. I ran 6.5x each run

I've only stalled it to 2k RPMs the only time I stalled it higher I spun and still managed a 1.43!

JR 427
07-09-2012, 05:36 PM
No longer for sale. Please lock this thread