View Full Version : moser axle seals and wheel bearings

07-09-2012, 03:31 PM
hey guys, i need to reseal my moser 9 inch with new bearings and seal. Its a 31 spline. I called moser and they gave me parts numbers for wheel bearings and axle seals.

wheel bearings-88128 local napa bearing

axle seals- chicago rawhide # 15141

but when i look up the search alot of people are saying use #15142 axle seals. I just want to know, those who replace axle seals and wheel bearings, what part number and where did u buy them

07-09-2012, 04:58 PM
NAPA should have of those parts in stock. They are very common. The bearings are Consolidated, and are pretty good quality. Chicago Rawhide is now owned by SKF, and are a quality part.

15141 and 15142 have the same dimensions. 15141 is a single lip seal design, the 15142 has a double lip to help prevent dirt from getting in the seal.