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07-11-2012, 05:30 PM
Last time on a chassis dyno with my old heads cam and unlocked 4l80E I made 469rwhp on 91 octane and 28* timing.

Today with 20* timing I made a pull with 91 and laid down 511rwhp.

With E48 I turned timing up to 28* peak tq and 26* peak hp (what it liked, tried a bit more with no gains), made 546rwhp.

Drained the tank again and put E85 in. Did not gain anything on E85 compared to E48.

Dyno sheet coming.

Combo: 418ci
PRC 237 heads
254/260 .62x/.63x hyd
Super Vic intake
Dominator TB
1 3/4 stepped to 1 7/8 edelbrock headers (think they are holding me back)
Dual electric cutouts
Power glide with 5,200 rpm verter

07-11-2012, 05:38 PM
Nice power, where are you getting e48 never heard of that?

07-11-2012, 05:49 PM
Did you try running more timing on the 91oct tune? I am assuming you either ran into detonation issue with more timing?

07-11-2012, 06:23 PM
E48 is a 50/50 ratio between e10 91 here and e85.

I did not put more timing in to the 91 tune since it is 13-1 and 8.7 dynamic.

07-11-2012, 09:24 PM
Real nice gains.

07-11-2012, 10:13 PM
Great numbers

07-11-2012, 11:20 PM
Here is the Sheet..

Red is 91
Blue is E48
Orange is E85