View Full Version : shorted stock amp out? help

07-12-2012, 11:46 AM
Its not an Fbody vehicle but im still hoping you all can help me out, i have a 2004 gmc sierra 1500 with the 6 disc cd chabger bose setup, stock amp stock headunit, i bought this truck with sub wiring, rcas and a box already in it but no subs, i had subs put in on a spx cheap 2 channel amp and hooked up one channel to one aub and other to the other sub, running 2 10s under seat, it all worked great, i went to mess with something and pulled a wire off the box, i went to go re wire it and when i did i decided to bridge the amp and run the subs in series, did this on the subs in my ws6 with out issue and other setups, when i hooked it up it poped real bad and started getting alternator whine through front right speakers, random crackle etc, i unplugged the RCAs from it and the alternator whine stopped (the sub wires have been unplugged this whole time) ever since then though ill play music and it might play fine or it might play like a radio gettin bad reception (using cds), when i hit my turn signals those it wil ether instantly get worse or stop playin all together but the cd plqyer itself is still on and supposdly playing the cd, any thoughta on what it could be? Fryed stock bose amp, something in cd player?