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07-16-2012, 03:56 PM

The fuel injector service has been a staple in the DW line-up for over 6 years. Now, we have streamlined the service options from 3 tiered services to our most popular Dynamic Service with a separate Pre-Test for diagnostic/troubleshooting and we added a couple of new tests that provides data some of the newer tuning software requests.

Dynamic Service includes:

3-step ultrasonic cleaning - Optimizes atomization and flow
Replace o-rings, filters, and seals - Ensures leak free operation
Check coil - Discover electrical problems
Leak test @ 100psi - Find leaks at pintle
RPM ramp and Pulse-width ramp tests - Exclusive DeatschWerks tests
Spray pattern analysis - Verify proper atomization
Static flow test - Check balance of flow rates
Dynamic flow test - Simulates real driving conditions
ID etching - identifies each injector with results on report
Lubricate and bag - Preserves optimum working condition
System calculations - min/max/avg flow and system balance
Fuel pressure calculations - Valuable tool for FMU/AFPR users
Performance calculations - Defines limits of fuel system

New tests include:

Battery Offset Testing

This test provides data outlining the injector dead-time over a range of pressures and voltages.

Linearity Testing

This test provides flow data over the low, middle, and high range of duty cycles for the injectors and give information about the minimum suggest pulse-width and maximum injector duty cycle.

Please Note! The advanced testing only requires one injector for testing.

Fuel Pump Testing

With the introduction of the DW300, DW200, and DW65c, we need the ability to test our pumps in-house. Now that our pumps have become a sustained product in the market, we now have the same testing available for any electric fuel injection pumps:

Voltage – We test flow vs pressure at the voltage of your choice (default is 13.5v). We will test at additional voltages (up to 3) at no extra charge.
Flow – We record flow at pressures from 30psi to 100psi in 10psi increments.
Pressure Relief Valve – We test for proper PRV function and record opening pressure.
Cavitation – Formation of air bubbles in your fuel can cause unstable and unpredictable air-fuel ratios. We measure and record all pressures where cavitation occurs.
Calculations – Not only do we express your flow rates in Liter/hr, Gal/hr, and Lb/hr; but we also calculate the corresponding horsepower that the flow will support.
Qualitative Observations – Your fuel pump testing is performed by professionally trained DeatschWerks technicians who test hundreds of fuel pumps every month. We use our experience to make note of any noise, electrical abnormality, flow fluctuation, start-up hesitancy, or any other observed problem that could be important for you to know.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have about our services.

With the new services, we now have a NEW DW Forum Special! When filling out the injector service form (, be sure to write "LS1Tech Forum Special" across the top of the form for free US domestic return shipping!

07-31-2012, 06:23 PM
I would like to highlight the Forum Special, since I have been getting a few questions about it.

The Forum Special can be applied to any service (Dynamic Service, either or both Advanced Tests, Fuel Pump Test).

Let us give you an idea of what your fuel system can do for your current build or give your stock injectors a good cleaning and get them back to factory specs.