View Full Version : Another vibration thread

07-16-2012, 10:21 PM
First off, yes, I have searched and searched and im still not getting any where. I installed a moser 9 in my ws6. I had a stock tq arm on for a short period of time and had a horrible vibration so I installed a adjustable measured the d/s angle and rear angle and what not.

When I first start driving the car its smooth till about 65/70. Thats when the vibration is fairly noticable but tolerable. Once I slow down I get a pretty bad vibration at 40+. This vibration is kind of a solid feeling? Its obviously because everything isn't spinning as fast but its bad.

My rear setup is a moser 9 housing with a ford nodular center 3.55 gears and a stock ford posi, 1330 LONG yoke, and a stock length chromemoly d/s. Suspension wise I have a non adjustable panhard bar, adjustable tq arm, adjustable lca's(which i recently adjusted, and kinda helped until i hit higher speeds).

Also, when i hit a bump I get a loud clunk sound from the passenger side rear of the car even if its a tiny one. This started happening after the 9inch install as well. I'm at a loss with all of this.