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07-19-2012, 03:58 PM
Have been reading posts for a few months now.
I live in the UK and have started a Cobra 427 build.
Eventually decided on wanting LS power for the build, may not be traditional for cobra but hey its 2012....
Options in the UK seem a bit more limited than elsewhere so only have seen several options so far.
Buy a new LS3 for 5200 then add up all bits on top e.g. ecus, transmission etc which i would have to wait a year to afford or...
Buy a used monaro engine+box, still expensive though 4 to 5K....or...
LQ4 route. The bay sells occasional LQ4's but may be 100K plus mileage for 2K without tranny and ecu problems..

My build must be IVA (emissions friendly) and subsequent MOT's (yearly tests) friendly.
If i went down the LQ4 route i dont think the carb, l92 etc from carcraft would fit and also dont know about emissions with this route as i will also require cats with whatever route i take.
I really would like 400-450 bhp but as said if changing cams etc got to be emissions friendly. Read a bit about cams on this site and seems hotcam may be ok??
Many from UK done Lq4 or LQ9 route??
Many thanks for reading

07-19-2012, 04:32 PM
Welcome to the forum bro! :cheers:. Sounds like a fun build either way, good luck :)