View Full Version : Someone hit my car, cant figure out what is wrong.

07-22-2012, 01:22 PM
I was hit on the passenger side right around the wheel the other night coming home. I was able to drive the car home but it was pulling pretty hard. When I looked at it there was some real negative camber on the passenger side. I took the wheel off and structurally speaking, I can't find anything that sticks out at me. Doesn't look like anything is bent or buckled anywhere. The steering knuckle is basically resting on the shock and the tire was rubbing against one of the castle nuts towards the upper control arm.

Talking to my friend he said he would replace the steering knuckle, upper control arm and the wheel bearing to be safe. I also need to replace my tie rod ends because they were already bad. I'll try to upload a picture in a couple minutes but I was wondering if you guys thought I should go ahead and order those parts or if you think its possible that this guy just knocked my alignment out of whack.

Thanks in advance

edit* heres pictures
outside showing the negative camber. And generally where I was hit
the knuckle on the shock. and you can see the pieces of tire that were rubbed off on the castle nut
just another general picture I took

Its hard to get good pictures from inside the wheel well but hopefully those show something..