View Full Version : Fuel pressure gauge change or just the sensor?

07-22-2012, 04:03 PM
I want to plug my fuel pressure gauge sensor back to monitor fuel pressure since my fuel pressure safety switch(FPSS) is removed.

I removed it some years ago cause the gauge was just stuck to 70psi and didnt move anymore. The gauge still lights up, but its stuck, even with the sensor out of the car. Its an Autometer 100 psi phantom gauge in a triple pillar pod.

The sensor it self is listed at 106$+ship, which is stupid crazy expensive if you ask me.

I shop around and find some complete glowshift gauge/sensor for 59.99$+9.99$ shipping.

So if I ordered my sensor and install it and realized its the gauge gone bad, I'll be very mad to spend an extra 100$ for the gauge itself.

Its more a 'look' thing than anything else cause my 2 other gauges are Autometer...

I'm leaning towards ordering a set of Glowshift gauges...fuel and a N2O pressure gauge...So I get 2 gauge kits for the same price of a single fuel sensor from Autometer.

07-22-2012, 05:29 PM
I pulled the trigger on the glowshift gauges. I'll post pic after.