View Full Version : Do These Prices Seem Fair? (2 2001 Z28s)

07-30-2012, 01:02 AM

If you would even consider the first car how much would you offer? Is that price fair? I've talked to the guy he says its clean title but I haven't asked for the VIN yet so I haven't ran a carfax yet.

How about the dealer car? Does that seem right to you? It has 45k miles less than the local car. I'm looking for my first Fbody and I'm on a budget of around 7-8k.

07-30-2012, 12:46 PM
Both are priced probably right as they got decent miles on them.
I would defiantly test drive them before buying with that type of mileage.

07-30-2012, 05:39 PM
I bought my first ls1 z28 for 6000 with 113k miles. But for 7-8 you could find an ss with about the same amount of miles as the second car