View Full Version : Gauging interest

08-04-2012, 10:26 PM
Right now I just want to see how many folks would be interested in what I have, it's not for sale just yet. I have a Strange Engineering 12 bolt I'm thinking of selling... It has a heavy duty series 4 clutch type posi unit in it with 4.11 gears, 33 spline axles and a 1350 yoke. I also have a series 4 full spool for it that would be included. It does make some gear noise.

The rear is still under the car right now, the reason I'm thinking of selling is because I want to get a 9 inch for it, because this car is more of a weekend cruiser now, and I've read than 9" rears are quieter than 12 bolts. This 12 bolt would still be good for someone wanting a budget rear for a race car, or any other car they want a stronger rear for, as long as they don't mind some noise... I've launched the car at 5k+ with slicks on and it never missed a beat.

It also has the aluminum support cover and welded on lca relocators. It has the 98-02 brake backing plates, and has no provision for ABS or traction control. New it cost me around $3k, but since its probably 3 or 4 years old, has taken a few good hard launches, and makes some noise, I would let it go quite a bit cheaper than that for sure. Let me know what you'd give me for it. I will take quite a bit less than what I paid for it, but I won't give it away. I don't have to sell it, so if I dont get an offer for a decent amount, I'll just keep it.

Thanks for your input.