View Full Version : 99 TA WS6 roller, what is it worth?

08-05-2012, 06:55 PM
I've got a 99 TA WS6 roller with 120,000 mi. It has a 9" with full spool, BMR Extreme suspension kit. the reared and suspension has about 9 full 1/4 passes on it, and maybe 3,000 mi on it from daily driving, fully adjustable drag struts in the front. it also has subframe connectors. it is black, with Grand Sport Corvette Rims 17x9 in front and 17x11 in back. the battery has been relocated to the back, with a shutoff switch. The body is okay shape, the front bumper is a little messed up from pulling it up on a trailer. the carpet is out, but I still have it, and didn't tear it up taking it out. Just curious to know what it is worth. would like to see about 5,000 for it. thanks

08-10-2012, 08:31 PM
Rollers can be tricky depending on your location, and who's looking at the time you're selling. My mint '01, 80K mile 6 speed roller took a while to sell with nearly no interest at $2800. I ended up trading straight across for an 04 GTO roller with slight body damage in the DFW area, and had that sold in a week for $3600. I think your price is pretty fair if the body is pretty good and the 9"/suspension component install is all professional.

My suggestion is to be open to trades, sometimes people have stuff that is a bit easier to unload/worth more, and they are looking for what you have. Just make sure to do research on any trades, and make sure the person trading is trading down while you're trading up so you for sure don't lose...that is unless they have something you want of course.