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08-07-2012, 08:59 AM
I am the original owner of this super clean 2002 Z28 with a 6-speed, T-tops and 43,000 miles. The exterior is Sebring silver and the interior is ebony leather. I purchased this car in November of 2001 from Boonton Chevrolet. It has always been my 2nd car and never daily driven. It has been garage kept its entire life. It has never been driven in rain or snow but I can count two occasions where it was caught in rain. I can honestly say I donít ever think I have used the windshield wipers once in 10 years of owning this car. The interior looks completely stock and unmolested. The factory speakers were discarded and replaced with infinity separates in the doors and sail panels. A set of infinity co axles are in the hatch area. All speakers installed under the factory grilles and no evidence of any aftermarket stereo equipment. These separates give the car a nice crisp sound. In by the spare tire is a Rockford amp which powers a JL Audio stealth box in that area behind the drivers rear wheel, again, all equipment 100% concealed. The stock Delco Monsoon CD player and steering wheel controls are still in the car. The Delco radio powers all the interior speakers. The Rockford amp powers the sub. Other than that. The interior is bone stock, just like the day I picked it up from the dealer. All panels and seats in mint condition. Rug is super clean, no stains, the car has power windows and power drivers seat. Nobody ever smoked a single cigarette in this car. T-tops have the shades from the factory. I bought a brand new set of 243 heads off a corvette website with the sodium filled valves. I paid to have them installed with a LS2 timing chain and TR230 cam 2 years ago with 39,000 miles on the car. Also installed at that time were texas speed hardened pushrods and PAC 1518 springs. The stock oil pump was working fine and still resides in the car. A 180 thermostat was installed with new GM upper and lower hoses and both belts. The stock 29lb injectors were sent out and resized to 38lbs and the PCM was programmed. Also installed was Kooks stainless 1-3/4Ē long tube headers and stainless non-catted Y-pipe. The stock o2 sensors were replaced with Denso o2 sensors. At that time a B&B triflow stainless quad tip cat back was also installed. The stock air box lid was replaced with a SLP lid, K&N air filter and smooth bellows. I bought a stock ported throttle body off of a member on LS1tech and installed that. BMR bolt on frame rail connectors stiffen up the ride. BMR rear lower control arms were installed when the frame rail connectors went in. The stock torque arm was replaced with an edelbrock torque arm. The stock LS1 clutch was removed and a Z06 clutch was installed with a new throw out bearing. Some people think that the 2002 Z28 came with the Z06 clutch. That is untrue. Both clutches are made by Valero and they have different part numbers (look it up) the only difference in the Z06 clutch is that the pressure plate has stronger springs for greater clamping pressure, the disc and flywheel are the same between the two kits. When the clutch was done I drained the trans and filled with fresh fluid. The stock 10 bolt is a 3 channel ABS unit. It was removed from the car and the 3.42ís taken out. It was sanded and painted semi gloss black. Genuine GM AAM 4.10 gears were installed. The posi unit is the stock torsen. There is no whine at all from this rear. The stamped steel rear end cover was discarded and a new aluminum AAM cover has been installed. The stock aluminum snowflakes were replaced with a very clean set of the older 1997 chrome 5 star wheels. BF goodwrench tires installed 5,000 miles ago are in great condition. I never liked amber lenses on silver cars so I replaced the rear tail lights with the all red 1997 camaro style. I also replaced the front corner markers with clear lenses. I have used Mobil 1 motor oil and AC Delco PF46 filters for every oil change. I use Mobil 75w-90 synthetic gear oil for the rear. The original breaks are still on the front and back of this car, the car. At 43,000 miles that should be proof the car hasnít been driven hard. I have a brand new set of front AC Delco Rotors & AC Delco pads that come with the purchase of the car for when they finally do where out. My father is a retired Chevrolet service manager which explains why I have always had access to genuine AC Delco parts. I am not a fan of aftermarket ware items. I would love to hold onto this car, but I recently bought a boat, thatís my new toy. I used to drive this car on nice summer nights and weekends maybe 10-15 times a year. Since I have spending most of my time on the boat I only took this car out only one time this year and that was in July. The ONLY negative that I can honestly tell you about this car is that when the car was parked, the one time I took it out all year, I came back to find someone had backed into the driverís side quarter panel. They didnít leave a note, they just left the scene to let me come back and see the dent you see in the picture. I just dropped the car off yesterday to a quality body shop. If you are reading this the day I posted this chances are the quarter and the bumper cover are being fixed as you read this. I plan to pick up his car later this week. Chances are you wonít even be able to notice the ding once its massaged out and re-painted. But I am not one to hide anything. Figuring I got it out all of one time this whole year and the boat is getting kind of expensive. As much as I donít want to get rid of my Z28. I can only afford one toy right now, I have elected to keep the boat. I see low mileage 2002 Z28ís on eBay bone stock for upwards of 16k Ė 17k with no work done to them. Here is an absolutely stunning, in my opinion, tastefully modded car for $14,500. I know some people are in the market for 100,000 mile worn out dinged up Z28ís with amps and speakers showing and dirty engine compartments etc. But for the guy looking for a really clean and cared for car, maybe this is it. I have 4 pictures posted now. When I get the car back from the body shop I can take many more. I hate using PMís, if you are really interested in the car call my cell, I will answer any questions you may have. 914-393-5375 - Anthony

08-08-2012, 09:48 PM
I swung by the body shop after work today and I am impressed, I cant even tell it was dinged. They still have to wetsand the clear and buff it, but I honestly cant tell it got wacked. They did that good of a job. I should be able to pick it up Friday if anyone is interested in seeing it. Call me.

08-11-2012, 01:20 PM
Just got it home, it is not washed detailed yet but here are some pictures:

Sail Hatan
08-30-2012, 05:24 PM
my dream car. if i could somehow get the money. bump for you... omg stock appearing, low mileage heads and cam six speed z28? awesome.