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08-09-2012, 09:21 PM
Just another quick long
Well the last cpl months have been a complete up and down for my all started with replacing my steering shaft and lm1::: put on a borla system and finally heard the engine running without the noise Of the exhaust...ended up having a loud valve train and so the first list of repairs began:... Ended up having a broken lifter and my rockers were going all over the place... So I upgraded to new lifters and ditched the sa rockers for a NSA setup... Got it together and valve covers were hitting so after taking them off and cutting them up inside they are better but need to take more out because they rub slightly still and I think it's creating a false knock at idle and playing games with my timing..: then I decide to go thru and replace the few remaining original parts( map/iat and low coolant sensor( despite still getting the warning light) ) ok then my fuel starts acting up so I replace the original fpr and order a new pump.::well just taking the cap off the new pump with about as much force as a 2 year old the whole neck snapped off so after getting it from a very reputable shop that just happens to be a sponser here basically said tough luck and I had to pay for another one.:.went ahead and installed a racetronix wire kit along with it....and it continues... Installed a new panhard bar/ relocation bar and front and rear sway bars... Next installed a ss spoiler and did the relay for the brake light and still get the abs light on the dash.:. Well got her all cleaned up and then a deer decides it wants to run into the frontend so now another paintw

08-09-2012, 10:58 PM
damn man that blows.