View Full Version : Finally an f-body owner- NYC.

08-15-2012, 07:44 PM
I've been lurking for a few weeks, but just picked up my Trans Am a week ago. So far I enjoy driving it a lot, almost as much as my old Fiero hehe.

Here are specs:

95 T/A with 196k on the clock, PO told me its got a 96 engine and trans with 98k on it.

K&N intake, edelbrock mid length headers, MSD opti, underdrive pulley, 160* T-stat. Exhaust is 3" all the way back dumped right behind the axle, has the tiniest muffler I've seen- not sure what it is yet but its on the raspy side to my liking. Has a tuned PCM, not sure what kind but I can't get it to link so I can scan it :confused:

T56 with Pro 5.0 Shifter plus Louis Short stick and Hurst white ball shift knob.

Rear- Strange 12 bolt with 3.73

Suspension- Bilstein shocks, BMR lower arms and panhard bar.

Wheels- 90s ZR1 9.5 front 11 rear

It needs attention in a few areas, I'm hoping you guys can point me in the right direction as I've been searching the forums about 1 specific issue and haven't found an answer. More on that later, here are some pics! (I love how it looks- its so clean from the interior to the frame being 1000% rust free!).

And next to the beast I'm selling now, 99 GP SE converted to GTP clone running 3.4" and a bunch of other goodies. Feels faster than the T/A but I haven't run them together.

The main issue bothering me is this noise when starting:

It happens when I let out the clutch in first, so far I think I've ruled out the- clutch/TOB/1st syncro/ clutch chatter. It is silent in reverse, and I ruled out the earlier things because it made the noise twice while I was in traffic creeping forward in gear and off the clutch. Not sure what it could be? Maybe 1st gear is worn/ has lost its fit and makes some noise at very low RPM?

It sounds like a light grinding/ chattering, fairly quiet but still bothersome.