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08-18-2012, 11:50 PM
Hey guys had the sudden urge today to finally try and build my welding cart for my Hobart welder. I started to cut some metal, however after thinking it over more and eating, I thought about maybe using my Harbor Freight tool cart that I have at work. After all it's only another shelf after I got the nicer HF tool cart with drawers and a top area. I was thinking maybe cut a hole in the top level in the far back corner of the cart, shorten the drawers depth, weld a couple hooks on the chrome posts for the gun, helmet, ground and gas line and power cord. Basically stuff like that. And then mount the welder to the bottom shelf and use the top for actually welding small stuff

Here's the cart I'm talking about:

The bottle is pretty big, but I'm not exactly sure what size it is. It's probably like 3.5-4 ft. tall. I would probably have to end up bracing the bottom shelf to hold the weight of the big bottle. Perhaps make a little frame to brace the bottom shelf out of some small steel tubing and weld it to the side rails.

Any input on my low budget idea? I'd also like to see some that maybe you all built.

08-19-2012, 12:51 AM
great ideal .how big of bottle do you use ?the bigger the better .I made a cart for my plasma cutter with bed frame and small casters for $10.