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08-21-2012, 06:36 PM
So recently I decided to put a carb on my 84 corvette and really like it, The stock longblock has 150k miles on it and too save you a long story iv been wanting too cheaply put a Ls based motor in the car, and I want too stick with the carb because I think it would be unique.

this is a cheap as I can do it type build, not because I am cheap but because I find it fun.

So for now 4.8/5.3.. long term goal is a aluminum block with a destroked crank such as LS1 block with 4.8 crank.

I want to keep my stock hood, is the LS1 setup going too be taller then a SBC? the carb setup on there now is a tight fit already.

I have a dana 36 rear end with 3.07 gears, for that reason I would really like too swap a superT10 into the car and eliminate the 4+3, the overdrive unit is weak and will probably not last with my goals, I know its possible too mount a T10 too a ls1 but can I make it strong enough for a 500hp motor thats not super torquey?

$750 L98
08-21-2012, 06:55 PM
4.8! You can always build it later as well, it will still be lighter than the dressed motor in it now....and if you are wanting to do boost, the 4.8 seems to like it.

I have only seen a couple carbed LS C4, but it looks like clearing the stock hood will be totally dependent on how wild of an intake you buy, they don't LOOK any taller than a standard 350 when mounted.

I looked into the T10 as well but consensus seemed to be that it won't hold big power. Torque ratings for it are around 300ft/lb.

08-21-2012, 07:21 PM
Clear the stock hood with carb and LS? Not likely, but there are possibly intakes out there I have not used that may be low enough. A cowl would be sweet anyway. I would swap to a T56 6 speed but that is against your budget it would seem yet the adapting components to make what you have work? Might be pricey as well. Corvette and budget in the same sentence are rare.

08-22-2012, 02:42 PM
the T56 wouldn't work well with a 3.07 rear end would it?

If i have too ditch the manual I might consider it just too get the swap done.

Is there a low profile single plane ls intake out there?

08-22-2012, 04:36 PM
That is the one thing about carbed LS, the intakes are aggressive. The t56 came with 3.23 in many cars, you don't have to use 6th and they are rated at 450 foot pounds. I beat mine like a stepchild. There may be a lower intake like a dual quad, it looks lower but I cannot lie to you. It is making a air cleaner work that is the issue.