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08-21-2012, 07:35 PM
Well to my credit I've had it since 1997, just never really been able to do what i want with it. Still really can't afford to, but I'm going to anyway. Life is too short.
I know many of you guys have some beautiful and incredible performing cars, and likely will not care about my ugly duckling but here goes. Got it when I was 17, it was a 230 cu in 6 cyl and 3 spd on the column car. That first year i had it I swapped in a basically stock 350 short block with almost full race ported 462 fuelie heads, comp extreme energy cam, performer rpm, Holley 650 DP, HEI, and 1 3/4" Hooker Super Comps, BorgWarner Super T10 with a Lakewood Steel Scattershield, Hays clutch, and a 3.55 geared GM 12 bolt from a Nova. Engine bay looks like an 18 yr old did it but at least I used decent parts. Basically stock interior with 4th Gen T/A seats. Ran a whopping 13.7 on radial T/As with no traction in '98. So here it is unchanged or modded since then. I know it's sad. It's more sad to know how long i've been planning an LS swap but have had no $. Years ago I bought an LS T56 and a McLeod adapter with plans of swapping it behind the Gen 1 350 but it never happened.

So new plan is a super tight budgeted Cammed LS2/T56 swap. I plan to buy a complete pullout and sell what i have to recover some of my costs. I want it running and driving ASAP and I will mod from there. Read countless threads on LS1tech and will be doing my own harness with pinouts from here (super tight budget). Plan to cut and mod stock subframe to allow for stock oil pan, and a/c compression location using stock accessories.

One big question i have is wheels and tires. It has Rallies and BFGs on it now. I want 18s but have no time or $ to mini tub. What's the biggest tire I can fit in the rear of this thing? Thinking 275/35/18 with trimmed lip. Sound realistic? What about fronts. I do not want rubbing anywhere but want a decent tire under it.

Also, I see guys running the Dynatech headers and i know they are cheap and fit well. Are 1 7/8" primaries going to kill torque on a 364 cu in motor with stock heads? They are considerably cheaper than Doug Thorleys of Hooker Super Comps but I don't want to kill torque. Plan on using a set of Cal-Tracs to plant the tires.

This is set to start in about 1.5-2 months and I'm looking to be driving it about a month after that. Starting to collect parts now. Guess I will be buying my motor/trans from Ebay. Anyone have any great hook-ups on pullouts? Suggestions are welcome. Thanks for any and all help.

08-21-2012, 07:56 PM
You have a nice car here, and a cammed LS2 should make it a lot of fun. I grew up with a friend that had a 69 Camaro with a 383/4 speed in it, and I absolutely fell in love with first gen Camaros. I still hope to find one after I finish up college. That car was what started my obsession with cars, Camaros in particular. Good luck with your build!

08-21-2012, 08:18 PM
Thanks man.

08-27-2012, 11:29 PM
Maybe consider an LQ4 6.0. They are cheaper & durable. Decent cam & headers should put you close to 500hp. Don't skimp on the fuel system. Aeromotive just came out with a new tank with decent pump & baffle system for $750. If you just cant swing that the spectre tank is about $380 but not that great for hard driving. I modified the stock (new) fuel lines to mate with the motor, tank, and C5 vette filter/regulator with some braided lines between them. A 275 tire will fit easily in the rear & 245 in front. Going with precise backspacing on your wheels may allow you to fit a 285 in the rear. I'm running the dynatech headers & am happy with fit for the most part. You will have to modify the plug wires on #5 & #7 to clear the tube. They should be fine for you application. Be sure to use the engine mounts that natch the headersto make life easier, I believe they are ATS mounts. What about the trans cross member? Probalby would go with ATS there as well unless you make your own. Be sure to keep your driveline angle in check if you go that route. You didnt mention what AC you have, but the LS compressor should not be used with the vinatge air system. Are you going to mod the stock pan or actually mod the subframe? Like to see some pics of your progress along the way.

09-08-2012, 06:45 PM
Does anyone know if you can swap a LQ4 intake for a LS1 intake without making any changes such as changing the heads ? I'm currently doing a LS swap on my 69 camaro and picked up a nice LQ4 6.0. I would however like to change the intake. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

09-09-2012, 08:37 AM
Intake will swap as far as heads go. You will need to get the Kwik bracket to move an accessory drive pulley so the TB wil clear the accesories. Not sure what harness you are using, but should be able to use the LQ4 injectors in the LS1 intake. The injector plugs are different trucks & f Body. The map sensor plug may be different but I have not done that swap yet. I'm setting up an LQ4 with fbody intake & front acc as we speak. Will update you if I run into anything else. Scott