View Full Version : Afterthoughts Auto. A BIG THUMBS UP!!!!!

04-17-2004, 11:51 PM
I have to give a big THANK YOU to Deanne at Afterthoughts.

I ordered a Stull Billet Grill about 3 weeks ago with plans to have in time for the Lake Castaic Picnic.

Well the grills were temporarily out of stock and they were not sure if they would be re-stocked in time.

They went wayyyy out of their way for me and had a grill dropped shipped from the manufacturer directly to my house and it arrived in time.

You do NOT see customer service like that too often these days. They went above and beyond to make me one happy customer and I cannot thank them enough for such great service.

Next time, when I am looking for any type of aftermarket products, Afterthoughts Auto will be the first place I look.

Thanks again Afterthoughts.

04-18-2004, 12:28 AM
I will consider this. I met the owners at a Hooters gtg a while back, nice folks.

04-18-2004, 01:40 AM
Yea they're great :nod: I tore a rear camaro fill-in decal and they hooked me up with another, good people.

04-18-2004, 09:31 AM
I have bought from them before, they are great to do business with

04-18-2004, 10:37 AM
Agreed. ATA is top notch. Deanna provides great customer service.

04-18-2004, 04:21 PM
Here here. Same experience with them. Ordered something I need within a week and they made sure it was shipped out that day and made it with plenty of time to spare.


04-18-2004, 05:40 PM
yeah, i was about half a week late for the GP on the grilles, yet, i was still able to get the price, many thanks for that. Now all i need is to get the grille so it can go on, hopefully on monday or tuesday.

04-18-2004, 07:43 PM
Yup first rate service

04-19-2004, 09:43 PM
I have also had great experiences with them. I was in on the Stull deal and everything went so smooth.:D