View Full Version : 405rwhp & Track Times?

04-19-2004, 02:02 AM
What are people running with 405rwhp/385ft/lbs at the track? I ran a 13.4@107mph with a 2.3 60' before the H/C and tune. The track I run at has poor prep and is at 4500ft above sea level. The DA usually hovers around 6500ft. I am running on 315/35/17 Nitto Drag radials. No weight reduction. Anybody running with similiar rwhp and elevation/DA?


04-19-2004, 08:58 AM
11.05 @ 122 with 400rwhp ;) 3350 pounds. About 1200 DA. :D

Of course, sticky tires, a 12-bolt, 4000 stall, and TH400 help a bit ;)

04-19-2004, 09:38 AM
you poor guy, i would cry if i had to ran at that level :( My times are in my sig, but i had 409 rwhp 425rwtq. Sorry to say but you will probably only see maybe low 12's with that level and with the warmer weather already creeping in Texas. Need to make a trip eastern in Texas ;)

04-19-2004, 07:25 PM
So I guess I'll need a 100-shot of Nitrous to be able to see 11's! Oh well.