View Full Version : AMS denied my service because I complained that they took too long.

05-19-2004, 12:54 PM
MODS: If this gets in the way of your normal business I severely apologize, I just want everyone to know how AMS does business with unhappy clients. They're projected arrival was days past and when I "admittedly rudely" responded to them because they never answer their phone, they declined my business and credited back my money, which was 2 days after the projected arrival. This gives me the impression that they didn't even have the part. Mods, once again I don't blame you for deleting my informative post, business is business and I'm sure AMS will have their side of the story. Thanks for listening.

Any opinions would be great. Sometimes I'm hard on people but I am on a tight time-frame and got screwed up on that. Thanks.