View Full Version : The O.F. gets closer ...

08-10-2004, 01:58 PM
... to the elusive 10's. Ran a best of 11.14 @ 122.98 on a 1.59 short. Spins too much in first. I've softened up the clutch enough that it hooks until the front end bangs into the shocks (QA-1s) and then the slicks break loose. Ran the tire pressure low enough that it got real squirrely (6.5 PSI), but the 28x10 Hoosiers on 8" rims seem to like 9 PSI best. I had the QA-1s on 3 and will try higher to stop the violent front end lift. I'll try 5.13 gears to see if I can't get under 1.5 shorts, but the rest will have to wait untill I fix the motor. It didn't perform up to my expectations (another one of those "low performing PP headed cars") so I ran a leakdown. 43%, 33%, etc with the best being 12%. I think it might pick up a bit with new rings (and maybe pistons), but I have no idea how much.