View Full Version : Finally in the 11's.

10-30-2004, 03:00 AM
Went to Alabama Dragway in Steele, AL. Sucky weather. 70 degrees
and foggy. T&T was running from 9PM til 1AM. Finally got my drag radials
on the car. Brand new drag radials. My first run spun like crazy I though for
sure it would be 2.20 ... but it came back as a 1.90 12.19 @119MPH. My
2nd run was a little better. Eased into the gas more and ran a 1.88 60' and
and 11.95 @120MPH. I power braked the 3rd run instead of flashing the
converter and ran a 11.72 @121MPH on a 1.72 60'. I gave up after that.
It was getting kind of foggy and I had a tough time seeing the track because
my windshield would fog up. I am certain I can get at least 11.50s out of it.
My mods: stealth 2 cam and LS6 heads and LG long tubes 3.42 gears and a
SS3600 yank converter with BFG Drag Radials on ZR1 17" wheels.

10-30-2004, 03:29 AM
How high did you stall on your last run?