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12-11-2004, 06:28 PM
I dynoed the car when it was a 6 speed back in May of '03. Since then I have made lots of changes. The list consists of the mods that were on it when it was a 6 speed and if there is an arrow and a different mod, it’s the mod that's most recent and that was dynoed as of last night. If there is only 1 mod listed, then it was never changed. Anyhow, please let me know what you think of the numbers. I know that it wont put down as much on the dyno, but do you think that it should of put down more? I don’t know the percentage difference between an auto. and a manual.

Fast Toys ram air kit
K&N air filter
Whisper Motorsports lid -> Texas Speed & Performance lid
SLP bellow
Granatelli MAF -> stock screened MAF
Bauer racing ported/polished throttle body
LS6 intake manifold
NGK TR-55 spark plugs
Holley 9mm wires
FLP long tube kit w/ORPs -> Kooks 1 3/4 stainless steel long tube headers
SLP Loudmouth -> Custom true dual H setup w/Dynomax bullets & no cats
ASP underdrive pulley
stock water pump -> Meziere street electric water pump
MTI C2 cam 224/224 .581/.581 112
stock T-56 -> fully built 200-4R
Spec stage 3 carbon fiber clutch -> Yank PT4400
stock aluminum driveshaft -> Denny's nitrous ready shaft
stock 10 bolt w/3.42 gear -> Strange 12 bolt w/4.10 gear
chrome 10 spoke SS wheels -> Bogart bolted RTs.
6600 rpm rev limiter -> 6900 rpm rev limiter
full accessories -> removed power steering
lots of weight reduction since the 6 speed setup

6 speed setup 416.5 rwhp/387.4 rwtq
200-4R setup unlocked 362.7 rwhp/413.8 rwtq

I can understand the hp loss, but how did it pick up tq? Back then, my numbers for a 6 speed were high. Actually, my tuner said that it was the highest that he's ever seen. But from what cams are out now, my power would be normal. What do you think about my 200-4R setup numbers? That was with a Yank PT4400 unlocked, 4.10 gears, etc.? Are they below average, average, or above average? I’m not disappointed at all because I knew that it wasn’t going to put down as much, but its not all about peak numbers.

Here are the dyno sheets. I don’t have a scanner, so I just took a digital picture of them. What do you think of the curves. I dont know whats good or whats bad. Thanks.

Patrick G
12-11-2004, 07:39 PM
The torque converter multiplies torque of the engine. Until the coupling point of your converter (probably 5200 rpm), you will usually make more power and torque than if your converter were locked. The stator is like an really multiplies the torque of the engine. At a dead stop, your converter will multiply your engine torque 2.5 times (if you have a 2.5 stall torque ratio). That's why A4 F-Bodies leave the line so hard. All that engine torque is multipied big time. falls off higher in the rpm range. That's one of the reasons automatic cars don't match the M6 cars in rwhp. The slippage unlocked costs you hp plain and simple. If you like racing from a roll, get an M6. If you want a 10 second timeslip, you're on the right track with your 2004R.

12-11-2004, 08:03 PM
So were the numbers below average, average, or above average on the automatic setup? I dont have the tranny setup to lock the converter in 3rd gear yet, but I plan to do that soon. From what everyone has told me, I need a cam that shines in the higher rpms, one in which makes a lot of hp. With the converter and gearing, my rpms are going to be up there, thus needing a cam that makes power in the higher rpms. I figured, if my shift extension on this converter is 5800-5900 and Im shifting at 6600 rpms, then the car's rpms will be between 5800 and 6600 rpms after the 1-2 shift. If Im putting that kind of torque down and could possibly put down more with a different cam, then all I would need is a cam that puts down the hp numbers to make up for the top end. HP for top end, TQ for out of the hole. By the way, you know how everyone says that its not about peak numbers, its about usable power and power under the curve, does my automatic dyno look good? My tuner, Jason at MTI, says that the hp curve looks pretty good, nice and flat, gradually increasing.

12-11-2004, 11:15 PM
Like was posted above, the torque gain was due to the converter "flashing". Those numbers seem about right to me. Be careful with those 7000rpm dyno runs. Stock shortblocks only have so many 7k pulls in them and you just used one up on the dyno ;)

12-17-2004, 01:42 PM
Well the torque spike looks good for a nice launch, but the hp really doesnt look good. Seems like I would need a cam that makes more power as far as hp goes. I highly doubt that this cam is going to put me where I want to be. The 2nd pic, which is the most current dyno graph, how do you think that hp and tq curve look? I know its not about peak numbers, so how does it look as far as power under the curve goes? I dont know how to look for that. Thanks.

Patrick G
12-17-2004, 03:23 PM
Power under the curve looks great and you have enough rwhp (unlocked) to run a low 11 with a light enough car. Raughammer ran 10.60s with that cam and his rwhp unlocked was only around 400rwhp (with the same converter)...he had stage II heads, BTW. Get more cam and you'll go quicker down the track. You've got the right converter...just finish your project.

12-18-2004, 08:18 AM
Thanks Patrck G.