View Full Version : Need help with inline! easy qeustion. Did search 999 times.

12-25-2004, 08:53 PM
Hey, I am installing the procharger setup now and I have the Speed Inc 255 inline. Somehow I lost the directions :mad: The pump is mounted all that is fine. Do i need to use the relay? if so how do i mount it up with what wires and such So far i know.

30 - Power
85 - Grey wire running to the stock fuel pump
87 - Goes to pump terminal
86 - Ground
The other pump terminal is grounded as well

Is that correct just run a power wire to 30. splice 85 into the grey wire. (which one if there is more than one? not by my car) 87 goes to positvie on the pump, 86 is grounded and a the (-) on the pump is grounded as well. IS this correct? THANKS SO MUCH!!! :cheers: Happy Holidays