View Full Version : Decoding my RPO's and had a few questions...

03-05-2005, 02:34 AM
I was lucky enough to find the build sheet in my car and have been looking over it along with the codes in the SuperFAQ and the the build counts for the 01's. First off, I noticed there are options for "Northeast", "California", and "Federal" emissions. What exactly are the differences? Are any more/less desirable than others? I know California is stricter than a lot of other states about emissions which might translate to a more restrictive exhaust, but I didn't know if there was a difference in performance, and why the Northeast has it's own specifications. Also, what if anything is the difference between a regular and "merchandised" transmission? They have this for both auto and manual, but for example the SuperFaq lists M30-Transmission-Automatic 4 speed Electronic and MXO-Merchandised-Automatic O/D. Lastly, I was curious what gears the typical Z28 has. I noticed there are options for GU2 2.73 (standard) and GU5 3.23 (optional). Were 2.73's in fact standard on the Z28's, or is it that they were standard on the Camaro but would be included in with the Z28 option? Thanks for any info.