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Old Drive-ability
04-02-2005, 04:13 PM
Guys I am looking at a V-8 Porsche 914, The engine has the Edelbrock fuel injection and heads. The heads say Edelbrock performer rpm 5071 or 6071 at this point I don't know the year of the engine or size. I know he has a 930 transmission and that's good for 700 horse so it could be a 350 anyway I have looked at the Edelbrock web site and can't find the part number anywhere. If anyone can add some input to the F/I system or heads I would be thankful. I know this guy has spent gobs of money at least 5K on the transmission and the engine is freshly rebuilt. As a matter of fact the car isn't done yet, he used all renegade parts which are top notch. John

04-02-2005, 11:28 PM
I would suggest calling Edelbrock's tech line at 800-416-8628 and asking them. I am looking at one of their older catalogs and all of the head part numbers are longer than that. Also, I see 2 of the same exact heads (one is assembled and the other bare casting) with the 3rd digit different (60719 for the assembled one and 60619 for the unassembled one). None of the performer or performer RPM heads have a 5071 in the part number. However, if that is a casting number it may have no correlation to the part numbers (and I can not see the casting number being different between an assembled head and unassembled head). What exactly are you wanting to know about the heads anyway? The only differences I am aware of are in the combustion chamber size (64cc or 70cc) and whether they have straight or angle plugs. My initial guess, assuming the numbers you posted have something to do with the part numbers, is that you have a set of Performer RPM's with 70 cc combustion chambers and angle plugs purchased as complete assemblies. Good luck