View Full Version : started as flare 2-3 WOT, now won't go at all

04-18-2005, 09:37 PM
At the track last weekend is when it first became very noticeable. On at least a couple of runs it noticeably overreved/flared going from 2-3. More than one person commented on it, and I aborted one run because it didn't appear that it was ever going to hit 3rd. I let it cool for a decent amount of time and I got third during the next pass. I wrote it off as actomg up b/c it was hot (~200*) and hoped it would go away. You know, a guy's way of dealing with a problem. A couple days ago I went on a spirited backroads romp and the second or third time I asked it to go into 3rd at WOT it got hung up again. Once again figured it was the heat putting it over the top as it was fast approaching 200*. I went out this evening and ran it while the tranny temp was a relatively cool 180* and it stuck again. I'm not sure if it would have shifted into third had I waited longer but I just wasn't going to let it sit there basically on the rev limiter. It wasn't bouncing too badly, only minor undulations. The 1-2 shift is perfectly fine and it is behaving normal almost all the rest of the time. The only thing I can even think of other than the 2-3 WOT is that it seems to have a different feel when I am moderately into the gas and cross the stall speed. Sometimes I have the throttle at just the right position, usually in second gear and there is very noticeable lag just under stall speed (approx) and then it kinda takes off when it gets around 4k. This effect *seems* to be more pronounced lately, but maybe it's just me or my driving that's different.

Any help/advice/ideas what is wrong or borken? Thanks

04-18-2005, 11:15 PM
Sounds like the 3-4 clutches are gone. Time to rebuild and upgrade that clutch, it's clearance and maybe a few other things.

04-18-2005, 11:24 PM
Sounds like the 3-4 clutches are gone. Time to rebuild and upgrade that clutch, it's clearance and maybe a few other things.


04-18-2005, 11:36 PM
I had a inkling that is what it would be. :( How much money would I be looking at to just do that? Normally I do my own work but I'm weary of messing with the trans myself. Had speed inc do the converter even. I was hoping I wouldn't have trans problems until later when I could afford to beef it up in a big way. What is my best option to get it fixed without spending too much money?

If I decided to have a minor rebuild (ie, not too expensive but should make it hold old, if that's possible??) can I get my TCI SFF3500 restalled? Does TCI charge for that? I won't be doing any more power mods other than LS6 intake and a pulley for at least a year or two at which point I'll look for heads.....maybe. Then after I graduate I"ll probably go balls out with heads (if i don't already have them) forged internals and spray it. What would it take to hold it over for a few years with just the cam and maybe heads?