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04-30-2005, 11:44 PM
so ive gotten pretty good at 'reading' headlights.... and earlier i was leaving the movies cruising in the middle lane of a three way highway(264) doing 55. i see on my left what appears to be foxbody headlights. i continue and i see what looks like the mid 90's stang lights as well. so i think to myself 'if more than one stang is together, something must be up.' the 5.0 pulls next to me, prolly doing about 60 since he was going past me, so i keep it in 6th and press the gas ever so lightly, just to stay with him. then the other stang comes up next to me on the right. i look over at them both, and see yet another set of lights get about a foot off my bumper, its a 95 cobra(i later found out) and behind him is a 03 gt. now, im surrounded. lol. i dont take well to being bullied, so i naturally drop it in 2nd and give them a lil taste :drive: i wait for the shiftlight, and then i start cruising again....

then the 5.0 comes next to me, and starts revving at i yet again downshift into 2nd, hold it...and i waited til it sounded like he was going...and i hit it. i dont know if he was really wanting to race or not (i hope not. lol) cause he didnt move all too much. then i slow down and the other stang pulls up next to me and asks what i have done. i tell him just a cam, and he says he doesnt think i wanna run him (hes just a 6cyl) but he had neon :D

the other GT came up next to me, gave me a thumbs up, and then purged on me. lol. i downshifted and we both went for a sec, but he wasnt too hard. lol.

i tried to go with the cobra, but he wasnt really having any i guess.

we got into the tunnel, and theyre all revving and downshifting and such. so i pull next to the juiced GT and downshift into 2nd again next to him, and hold it for a sec. we both went again for a few secs, but slowed for traffic (they were up a ways away, but i dont want to have to lay on the brakes or anything.

we were all going to a local meetup, and it turns out the 5.0 is procharged (i dont know how many lbs..) with some susp....the GT is juiced with full suspension, intake, and some other stuff i dont remember. he did have a fire extinguisher in the trunk tho :D and the cobra only had intake, exhaust and bbk susp... oh, and the 6cyl had a big pipe on the left, and green neons :judge:

i also saw a red cavvy with a fart can weaving thru traffic and pass someone on the shoulder and come about 6 in from the wall. and i saw some other ricers at a light, bouncing off the rev limiter. and a black modded skittle...but he wouldnt run me (i had a camera ready to prove to that one skittle owner in the other thread that i havent lost to a skittle before).

then i saw the ugliest firebird i have EVER seen. is had some crazy primered body kit on it, that looked like it was for a supra or something. and there was a thing that went in place of the backwindshield so you can take it out or something. a friend got a pic on his phone, ill see if i can get it.

so that was my night. :) :drive:

05-01-2005, 04:31 AM
Sounds like you had a pretty good night. It figures I'm on duty when all the good races happen. Good Job takin' to the ponies. Ya know... If you wanted that skittle to race you all you had to say was, "Hey, wanna race that little car." They get pissed when you call it little. Hell, it's not like we're talkin' about their manhood or something. I'll be out and about on today, wouldn't mind going snake huntin' w/ ya. Until next time, Keep on burnin'. See ya on the streets.

05-01-2005, 08:45 AM
yea, it wasnt you know a guy on your boat named Raines? hes an ET3...i asked him if he knew you, but he didnt. he has a Z as well, and just dropped a decent cam in it last week. check your pms..

05-01-2005, 04:04 PM
WHats a skittle?

05-02-2005, 05:42 AM
a neon srt-4