View Full Version : Ever have this happen?

05-08-2005, 03:09 PM
I just installled my TCI 3800 and took it to the track for the first time last night. Well this is what happened.

As soon as I launch the car goes about 10 feet and then kinda stalls and then about 75-100 feet later it picks up and goes. When it stalls the dash lights flash off and then all the lights come on ( like when you turn you car on) and go out as soon as it picks up again the check gages light stays on for the rest of the run until I turn off the car. The car is leaving real hard (M/T ET streets) but it won't do it on the street I can't make it leave the line like at the dragstrip. The only way I could keep it from happening is when I left the line @ 1000 and rolled into the throttle. But it didn't feel as hard leaving as when I loaded it up to 2 grand and stomped it.

I'm thinking that something is getting pinched a power wire or something when I leave the line. That or a loose ground. Is it something with the computer?

Anyone have some ideas? things I should check?

05-08-2005, 07:48 PM
Make sure your battery is secured. Sometimes on a hard launch it will rock back and short out.

05-08-2005, 11:25 PM
checked the battery and it was loose. I looked at the positive terminal and can see where it was shorting out at. Thanks guys.