View Full Version : 2005 Gto?

08-02-2005, 10:34 AM
a friend of mine just got a brand new GTO for her graduating high school. Yellow, LS2,6speed, 17"wheels, Leather. what should this thing run in the 1/4? and what is the weight of it? and one last question where is the RPO codes on this dang car? i was wanting to see what gears it has in the rear end.
i wish i could get a pic, this girl is georgous. looks pretty good with her driving!

08-02-2005, 10:54 AM
It's got 3.46 gears. Weighs almost 3700 without driver. Should run low 13's.

08-02-2005, 10:57 AM
is that the only choice of gears? and dang 400hp with 3700lbs, thats kindof heavy aint it? what do they put to the wheels? bout 360hp?

08-02-2005, 11:32 AM
Without is coming now I would say people see around 340hp to the wheels....after tuning I think a number around 360 will be average. You have to remember this car has a 2 piece driveshaft and a IRS.

08-02-2005, 11:48 AM
2 peice driveshaft like my ECSB silverado? does the irs eat power? im tryin to learn about these cars. they are new to me. Thanks Guys!!!

08-02-2005, 12:01 PM
yes the two peice driveshaft and the IRS does eat up some ponies. tell your friend to be careful, cause the rear end can get really squierly around turns if you dont know how to controll it. id say take her to an empty lot and teach her how to play with the car. it will save her a kiss with a pole or a tree that we have seen alot of younger folks doing, and it gets you a chance to play with the goat!

08-02-2005, 12:07 PM
yea i will try to do that.
we have a really good 1/4 mile strip at a friends house that we play on all the time. its in the middle of no where! i doubt this girl will ever push this car to the limits. but if she ever lets me drive it ill show her what it will do. haha it only has something like 300miles on it. she said she has only got it up to 80. i laughed. her dad got it to 120.