View Full Version : Corvette Leather CANDLE

08-31-2005, 05:19 PM
Admin/Mods - permission received.

This is a first for us so I can now fight back my girlfriends fetish with candles!

I searched high and low for someone that could get this scent. It is just like you walked into a leather jacket shop like Wilsons ...or other. It's like when you slide into the seat of your car. There is just something about that fresh smell of leather....aaaah!

You can put these in your shop, office, or garage. Get rid of the stale, greasy, or gas smell but do NOT put them near gas. ;) Suprise your wife or girlfriend and take back the girly flower smell of your house or apartment. Make it YOUR domain again! Seriously though she may like it as I can't remember how many girlfriends would take me to the leather shop and just inhale like they were at a chocolate factory or something. :jest:

A portion of the proceeds will benefit, as well as, the memorial fund for deceased relatives. Similar to the memorial which we are having done for Nitrous Dave's father, the money will be spent to memorialize any member who has a loved one in passing.

They are offered at $13.00 for 8oz. size and $18.00 for the 14.5oz. size + shipping. They can be made in the color of your choice to match the interior of your car if you so desire.

These are also available in "Camaro Leather, Firebird Leather, GTO Leather or Trans Am Leather".