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10-12-2005, 12:14 PM
For those who have QA1 single adjustable shocks:

I just bought them for the rear today and tried to install them. It came with the mounting hardware, but that didn't seem to fit. I looked on this forum and it seems that others have run into this as well. Many said that they had simply gone to the hardware store and bought 1/2" x 3" bolts and used that instead of the supplied mounting hardware.

My question is this: The bushing in the shock has hole that is larger than 1/2", so if you use a 1/2" bolt there will be some play. Also, if you just use a 1/2" bolt, when you mount it on the car, you will be torquing right down on the bushing. If you use the supplied metal sleeve to put inside the bushing on the shock, then you have to use a much smaller diameter bolt.

What did you do? Did you go with the 1/2" bolt and not worry about the play in the bushing?