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10-12-2005, 03:13 PM
Ok, so I purchased 4 Alpine SPR-17LS 6 1/2's for the front door speakers and the back seat speakers. And since their componet setups they came with 1 inch dome tweeters and xovers, so in all I have 4 tweeters 4xovers. What I want to do is run the 6 1/2's off a 4 channel amp and have the tweeters powered by the the monsoon amp. Two tweeters will be in the stock locations in the front doors while the other two im relocating to the rear hatch, I also purchased two 4inch Alpine SPS-100As which will be in the rear hatch and I also want those to run off the monsoon amp. So how do I go about re-wiring the monsoon amp to power the tweeters and the 4inchr's?

Also the front tweeters could run off the head unit - I really just want the two back 4inch and back two tweeters to run off the monsoon crap amp (just untill i can get a better amp setup).

Also the 6 1/2's are 4ohms (but since im running them off a 4 channel 800watt amp I wont have to bridge them)

the tweeters should be 4ohms
and the 4inch are 4omhs

does this make sense? Included is my state of the art visual

10-12-2005, 04:15 PM
no offense, but why??????

10-12-2005, 05:17 PM
Ditto what the previous message said.

You really don't want to be mixing the tweeters and woofers off of different amps. You will have a mess. Not only with impedance levels, but with output levels as well.

The included cross overs produce a balanced system. The amp powering the cross overs sees a 4 ohm load, regardless of whether or not the tweeters are connected.

You're assuming the monsoon cross over amp has the same characteristics as the included alpine cross overs. Not a valid assumption.

You don't say what amp you're using. However, if anything, run the fronts (woofer and tweeters) properly off of the amp.

For the sail panel locations, consider hooking it up with no tweeters (from amp to crossover to woofer).

For the hatch, consider not installing anything back there.

I had the spr-17ls hooked up in this fashion (have the spx-177r in the front), and was quite impressed with the sound output. Ultimately I installed the spx-17MB in the sail panels. Still no hatch speakers.

The way I have my levels set, my sound stage is upfront, but rear fill is present however not overpowering the fronts..

EDIT: PS: Is your discount at bestbuy that good?

10-12-2005, 05:38 PM
ok so I figured out that the monsoon amp doesnt even power the front tweeters and the back hatch speakers - thats all run off of the head unit - so basically im just going to run the 4 6 1/2's off of the amp I have - its a Sound Storm Laboratories 800w4chnnl - 200w X 4. The tweeters and 4inch speakers I have I will run off of my head unit. So can I still use the monsoon wiring to wire up the tweeters and 4inch speakers - since that doesnt go to the amp it should just be like any other wiring in a car and hook up to the wiring harness correct? as well as the rear hatch speakers? Just plug and play type deal.

10-12-2005, 05:54 PM
no offense, but why??????
what he said are you trying to come up with a lower resistance?? just use ohms law p over i x e

10-12-2005, 06:12 PM
nope I just want to run the hatch speakers and tweeters off the orginal monsoon wiring instead of running new lines from the headunit. Then run the 6 1/2s off of my amp I have.

10-14-2005, 05:42 PM
nope I just want to run the hatch speakers and tweeters off the orginal monsoon wiring instead of running new lines from the headunit. Then run the 6 1/2s off of my amp I have.

Ok so can some1 help me? Im trying to figure out how I can use the stock wiring for my new speakers. I want to have the tweeters and the 4in running off the headunit and the 6 1/2's to run off my amp all while using the stock wiring - I just want to unplug the speakers cut/splice the orginal wiring and plug into the new speakers. Anyone know how to instead or running a new wire to all the 6 1/2s to the amp?