View Full Version : windows make clunking noise after motor replacement

10-15-2005, 12:53 PM
My windows are making a clunking noise. I had the same thing go wrong with my windows, they would go down fine then stop when going up, sometimes taking 30 mins to get windows all the way up. So i took my car in to the dealer(warranty) they did the work got car back in one day as expected. Before leaving dealer I rolled windows about half way and then back up, wow they were fast again. so I left, rolled windows all the way down on the way home, get home start to roll windows up, from all the way down they make a clunk noise when going up. they dont do it any other time. i have taken door panel off and cant see anything wrong just were they replace rivets with screws everything seems tight. just making this loud clunking noise. any help please. do not really want to take it back to dealer.