View Full Version : Finally Paid off the Z...

11-05-2005, 07:21 AM
I had been calling the finance company's customer sevice automated number and listening really carefully to the parts about 'daily perdium' and how much interest I had been paying each month for the Camaro loan. It was making me sick :barf: so me and the wife scrapped up every dime we could and sent them a really big, and really painful check to finally pay off the loan on the Z car. :)

We still had about 2 years left on the loan and when I bought the car I got reamed really bad on the interest rate. (I just had to have the car... and the sales guy knew it!) The last statement said I paid $150.00 in interst alone last month... OUCH! :cry:

Anyway, I am now the 'Owner' of a Black 2001 Z-28 Camaro in mint cond. with only 20,250k on the clock... We bought it new, off the lot with only a few hundred miles on it. The wife 'found' the car one day while looking for a new ride. :)

Now I am scared to damn drive it for fear of an accident or blowing my friggin engine up... (murpheys law) :drive:

11-05-2005, 07:33 AM
You'll get over the feeling soon enough of worrying. Think about it , you've got a really nice car and it's paid for! Plus if something does happen , insurance companies are paying a reasonable amount to replace them. Enjoy your car and just in a month or two ,enjoy the newfound money you have! What's not to like about that?