View Full Version : Autotap help. first time user

05-07-2002, 08:49 AM
Used autotap for the first time last night, holy crap this things got a bunch of paramaters. I'm running it on a buddies laptop and would like to put the data on my computer for analysis but we couldn't fiqure out how to copy the logged file to a disk.

Also had trouble connecting to the vehicles, kept getting a no comm. with vehicle. We never did really know what we did to get it connected.

Something else was strange, under the ignition file, when we ran it on my budds 96 TA I set up a gauge for ignition advance and got a negative number. Went back and changed the setup to ignition advance #1 cylinder and it was reading positive. Both times in the upper forties under hard acceleration? So when we ran the Atap on mine I set the gauge to the ignition advance #1 cylinder and got a negative reading.

Somebody with Atap experience help me out here.

Ragtop 99
05-07-2002, 09:01 AM
Open the file for playback. Under "LOG" there is a command to export to a CSV file. Excel can read that.

ATAP sometimes connects funny. Sometimes I end up rebooting the computer, cycling the ignition on/off/on or re-plugging in the diagnostic port side of the cable.

LT1s use different timing curves, but I'm surprised that you saw negative timing. However, I've never ATAPed individual cylinder timing.