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12-29-2005, 02:39 PM

New member to this site. I was referred by a buddy of mine and so far this place looks great.

I am from Atlanta, but have lived on both east and west coasts, Europe and in Asia. I never got a car until I finally "settled" down in California, but ended up moving yet again twice in two years. I've got two years here in Atlanta, hopefully I'm not going anywhere anymore

Below are a few pics of my 69 Nova project car, and the Volvo I am trying to dump in favor of an F-body I've always wanted as a daily driver, but never got to buy new before the fun ended in '02.
An "old" pic from when i first moved here two years ago... :emb:
A little fun to the speed limit with the new motor last october ;)
The Volvo I'm trying to dump soon for a 2000-up F-body... :bang:

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Welcome to the site.