View Full Version : FS Custom Mufflex system from headers on backb

03-23-2006, 08:08 AM
Custom 4" Mufflex single from header exits on back


I had this custom made by Denny at Mufflex when my car was still a street car. Ran high tens with it. I have a good pic that shows everything , on the ground including clamps, brackets, Y pipe with Flowmaster 3" in, 4" out collector and special provisions to add or remove the R/T cats for the Y pipe. Single 4" chrome tip at back of car. Also included is a 5" Dynomax bullet with turndown that clamps to the Y pipe collector and has a tab welded to bolt to f-body floor pan. I believe I have everything needed to bolt right up to 98 and up f-body that has headers. At the time, I had Grot long tubes, but will probably bolt up to QTPs, etc. There's over a thousand in this complete system, but I will sell for $500. or as close as I can get to it. I will not ship, too large.I will email pictures to anyone interested.

06 LMB Z06
98 Blk Z28 Jerico DR4 , Spooled 4.56 Strange 12 bolt , big ls6 NA motor