View Full Version : Issue with my please.

04-15-2006, 09:59 PM
Today at Cedar falls my car was acting up. The car hooks very nicely and is making good power, but after every single launch it would bog terribly. A friend of mine's setup is the same as mine except he has an LS6 intake and a tune, he ran a 12.5XX@113.8 compared to my 12.93@109.5, I compared the slips and both 60's were very close (mine 1.99, his 2.0X) but his 1/8th MPH was 3.5 MPH higher and his 1/8 ET were .35 better than mine, if you do the math hes pulling about 4 MPH and .4 total, but .35 and 3.5 MPH are before the 1/8th mile? Is this a tuning issue with my car? I cant figure it out. Both cars are M6's, with stock gears and running on 245/50/16 nittos.